Friday, May 4, 2012

05.04.12 - 30 Years Young

I really do think about posting more on this blog, but then the weeks turn into months and I don't. Sorry.
Uhhh where to start... I'm turning 30 years young this week... 6 months ago I had a personal trainer move in with me... I spend my days in a greenhouse rehabbing, and I still like chocolate. I have a crazy neighbor who is trying to steal my cats! The iphone is now my best friend. It's my camera, I can take photos on my own, and download apps. Follow me on instagram @rachshort.
I am getting stronger, moving more, feeling better. Slowly, like the tortoise, I will beat the hare. The continued support from my family, friends, and community is crazy! I would be nothing without you. The Relay for Rachael in the Big Sur marathon was a great success. Thank you to team Big Sur and team Townies for running and raising money. Next years will be bigger and better! Let me know if you want to run :)
I look forward to more change and strength, hot days and nights with friends. I continue my recovery with hope, stubborness, and perserverance. Really, I have no other choice. Quitting isn't an option. Until the next time...
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