Sunday, May 10, 2015

Relay Recap

We met our goal of $30,000! With 21 runners and over 200 people donating, this year's relay for Rachael was the biggest success yet! Not to mention that my team from Apple Pie Ridge came in third overall for the Big Sur International Marathon Relay, hopefully one of these years we can take first! My runners worked so hard to raise money for my ongoing rehab costs and for this I am forever grateful. Without getting movement every day I would have nothing. Thank you runners for waking up way too early on a Sunday morning, braving the wind of Highway one and for putting one foot in front of the other for me.

To the 200 people who donated this year, thank you. I look at the list and see the names of my friends and I am overwhelmed by the support that year after year keeps growing. I'm excited to be purchasing some new rehab equipment with this year's donations. My Nu-Step recumbent bike should be here shortly, I will be able to exercise on my own, and frankly I'm sick of everybody and could really use some alone time! I will also be getting the Galileo whole body vibration platform to rattle my body everyday. My rehab is the most important, thank you for supporting me on my long road to recovery.

"Does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop." Confucius

The runners!

Celebrating at the finishline.

After the first leg of the relay.

Hanging out at the 3rd leg hand off.

Hurricane Point

The finishline!

Kodi after running the full marathon.

Hanging at the finishline!