Tuesday, May 6, 2014

05.06.14 - Relay Recap.

Results are in! Team Townies won placing 8th over-all for the relays in the Big Sur International marathon!

Team Apple Pie came in 16th over-all and Team Pfeiffer would have come in 20th for female relay but we accidentally registered them as mixed relay!  Aengus came in 5th place for his age group and Kodiak finished faster than he had hoped, under 4 hours.  

What an amazing group of runners and the donations are still coming in www.relayforrachael.com!  Currently we are at $19,822 that is including $2000 from the www.eatlocococo.com dinner, almost double the money raised in the past years!  I am over-whelmed by the support of my runners and the community who year after year helps me with my physical therapy costs.  I will make you proud.

Thank you to the runners!! 
Team Apple Pie Ridge: Luke Perkins, Lacey Sutton, Shelby Hawthorne, Marcos Ortega, Chris Mazurek

Team Pfeiffer Ridge: Kendra Morgenrath, Jessica Pinney, Heather Perry, Keely Richter, Chelsea Davey

Team Townies: Brian Rossini, Jon Jonsson, Sarah Brabeck, Ryan Commons, Karen Commons

The Marathoners: Aengus Wagner and Kodiak Greenwood

To the HUNDREDS of people who donated, I wouldn't be where I am today without you!!

Check out Brian Rossini's blog, one of the team townies runners at www.race4rachael.com for more photos and info about the relay.

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