Sunday, October 30, 2011

10.31.11 - Happy Halloween

"I still love you, Halloween. Pumpkins, vampires and zombies; how could I not.

If I knew then what I know now... would I have done things differently?

Live life to the fullest, be safe, have fun, take a walk, hold someone's hand, be thankful.

This was the path I was given. Everything I did leading up to my accident was in preparation for what I am now up against. I've had time to think about this; and it is true.

Help, hope and humor got me through this year... one year down... bring it on." -Rachael

"If you're going through hell, keep going" – Winston Churchill

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

10.30.11 - The First Year

What's the last year of your life been like? Where have you traveled? Who have you inspired? How have you changed? What have you accomplished?

It was a year ago. Lost behind the tubes and wires, Rachael lay there amongst the medical machines. She was paralyzed but not defeated. She still smiled.

In the last year Rachael did a lot of things for the first time. She breathed without being assisted by a machine. She took her first bite of solid food. She went to the gym, went outside and to the movies. She learned how to operate her body and a wheel chair. She returned home.

Today Rachael stands upright assisted by Sean Cheng, CPT who has dedicated himself to her recovery. A year later the progress Rachael has made is astounding. Looking back at the beginning of her journey it amazes all of us that a year has passed. We all have watched in awe as Rachel turned the countless challenges she faced into her many victories.

Rachael was driving to San Jose a few times a week for intensive acupuncture treatments at Dr. Zhu Acupuncture & Neurology Center. She recently completed this stage of her rehab. While, Rachael loved the treatment and the people there she is very excited to be done with the 3 hour roundtrip commute.

The therapy will continue 30+ hours a week now. 6 hours a day Monday thru Friday and a few hours on Saturday. Now the work will all be done at her home in Carmel. The time she saves on the commute will be happily invested on her continued recovery and spending time with her supportive community.

Rachael is now focusing her vision of the future toward various ideas of how to influence her community in a positive way. One idea is a a shuttle service for the Big Sur area that would provide a much needed option for people celebrating life there as a safe alternative to taking the risk of drinking and driving. Be safe and be the light.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10.1.11 - Progress and the Pool

Finally some change!

For the past six months, I have been traveling up to San Jose (a 3-hour roundtrip, 3 days a week) for physical therapy and intense neuro-acupuncture, and its time for a change! I'm starting my own in- home physical therapy program, thanks to all the generous support from lots of caring people who've made this possible. A greenhouse-gym will soon be on my grandma's property in Carmel, housing my total gym, mat table, parallel bars, standing frame, and other useful recovery tools. Soon, I can eat tomatoes and work out at the same time! I'm very excited about the greenhouse, and even more excited about moving my physical therapist to Carmel, so I'll spend more time working out and much less time in the car. This will all start hopefully around November 1st, one year after my accident.

My core, arms and wrists are getting stronger, and I'm also having a lot of twitching in my thumbs. My legs have been slowly building muscle back, and I am able to lock my hips and knees, and bear weight. I have also gained some bladder control back, weeeeepeeeeee. The progress is sloooowwww, but constant. I can only expect more with my therapy moved in-house.

I continue to swim one day a week at the Josephine Kerns pool in Monterey, and hopefully can swim more once my therapy is moved to Carmel. I work on swimming, weight bearing and rolling over in the pool. I love being in the water and imagining that I am floating in the Caribbean.

I was given two little magical kitties, Honey Badger and Stiffy Goat, to roam the Carmel property, and hopefully help with our gopher problem. Friends and family have been helping with my garden, bringing some Big Sur to Carmel. I have been staying at my house in Big Sur a couple times a month, which has been really great; I miss it down there a lot.

I really can't say it enough: the continuous support of my family, friends and community is overwhelming, I feel the LOVE! Thank you!

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