Saturday, July 11, 2020

Relay for Rachael Virtual Run! Sunday, September 20 at 10 AM!

Relay for Rachael Virtual Run! Sunday, September 20th, 2020 at 10am!

With the marathon being cancelled in April due to the pandemic and then cancelled again for the November 15th date we are doing a virtual run with the same goal of raising funds to help with Rachael‘s ongoing care and physical therapy after a car accident left her a quadriplegic in 2010.

In honor of the 10th year we are doing a 10 mile run, walk, hike, skip. You can do the 10 miles yourself or break it up as a relay with friends/family.  Everyone will start around 10 AM from a location of their choice and we are hoping people will share photos and videos of their run (or walk, hike, skip) on social media and more importantly, have fun!

Donations can be made at:

Monday, May 25, 2020

Rescheduled Relay fundraiser

The Big Sur marathon has been rescheduled until November 15, 2020 so my annual relay fundraiser will be postponed until then. I am so grateful for the donations still coming in at to help with my cost of care even though the fundraiser has been postponed. I couldn’t do it without you! Thank you for BEing the light!

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Covid-19...strange times.

I’ve had my life change in a moment so I am not new to adapting. 

Here we are on day 25 of the stay at home order in California. I try not to think about natural disasters or emergencies because it stresses me out, what will I do if I can’t get the care that I need?  I’ve lived through fires, floods and earthquakes but never with a spinal cord injury. I can now say I’ve lived through a pandemic (fingers crossed :) and social distancing is not an option for me. 

Luckily my caregivers are here for me and have been staying healthy. I have 8 people in and out of my house throughout the week plus family members. All I can do is disinfect surfaces and hope that they are being careful when they are not here. Once again my life is very different than most. In the last 10 years I’ve maybe been in a grocery store 10 times, I oddly miss it, but in times like this I am very grateful to have the help that I do. 

I miss the movement that I am not getting currently from the pool and different therapies but this is pushing me to get as much movement on my own which is my ultimate goal here. Thanks Covid-19 for making me think outside the box once again on how to get the movement I need to stay healthy.

This time of year I would normally be posting about my annual Relay fundraiser at the Big Sur International Marathon. My runners would be hitting Highway 1 on the last Sunday of April to raise funds for my ongoing care and physical therapy. We started the fundraiser back in January so fortunately I was able to raise some funds before the pandemic and we should be hearing the rescheduled date soon. 

I hope you and yours are staying healthy and sane during these very different times.  Stay home my friends and I will see you on the flipside...and now more than ever it is important to remember to be the light.

There weird  things you get into during a pandemic.

Monday, February 17, 2020

10th annual Relay for Rachael!

The 10th annual Relay for Rachael is here! This year we have 8 teams, the most ever! Again as I say every year I couldn’t do it without you. Every penny donated goes into the pockets of people who work with caregivers, my trainers, all of the people who get me up and moving every day. 

My runners hit Highway 1 on Sunday, April 26th to help raise funds for my ongoing care. Donations can be made at We will also be having a fundraising dinner at the Carmel Valley Lodge in Carmel Valley on Friday, April 24th. Details to come.

As hard as I work at staying healthy unfortunately I have let my health slip this past year. With stress from the move and not having enough care I ended up with a pressure sore in the beginning of January, damn it. It’s what i’ve worked so hard to avoid over the past nine years...i’m taking this as a learning lesson, as is life, and I will heal this thing. I’ve had to reevaluate alot of things, i’m not able to sit in my chair for very long and I need to eat more food (for the padding :). I don’t know how long it will take to heal but i’m doing everything possible to allow it to. I miss the gallery, I miss doing photography, I miss getting out in the community, but this to shall pass.  Thank you for your support, your love and for being the light. I feel it.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Sean Cheng

I lost a dear friend. But he was more than a friend, he gave me hope when I needed it the most. He came into my life six months after my injury in 2010 and laid the foundation for my rehab that I continue with today. He lived with me for a year and we exercised everyday. He would often ask me “Are you Rachael weak or Rachael strong?”. Every night would end with him massaging my legs and feet and he would tell me that I had the happiest feet in the world. Sean was 74 years old and was found dead on the beach in Half Moon Bay on January 24th still strapped to his paddleboard. Apparently he had taken up paddle boarding a few months ago, that’s the type of guy Sean was. He exercised every day, he swam, biked, did tai chi, he was always active. He was a man of many strengths and talents. He had served in the Air Force in the Chinese military, studied neo-confucianism and later in life he became a personal trainer and CNA to help people with paralysis. In the last email I received from him he stated “Time fly, too fast, I feel there are only two days a week, two weeks a month, four months a year.”  I told him I understood completely and felt the same way. I would’ve never met this man if I hadn’t been in that car accident. These are the gifts I will take from this life. Thank you Sean for your dedication, your love and your encouragement. I would not be where I am today without you. You are the light.

Friday, November 1, 2019

9 years...huh?

Well it has been 9 years since my injury and i’m not sure how I feel about that, it seems fast but also seems like a lifetime ago. I have finally moved after what feels like forever of wondering where I would go. This has forced me to go through boxes that were packed at the time of my accident, boxes I put away and never wanted to go through. Any note I hand wrote I want to keep, remembering how simple and easy it once was to write a letter. Time to say goodbye to the camera gear, the surfboards, the snowboard, the camping gear… memories from a different life, and now it is time to “Marie Kondo” this stuff, thank these items for the joy they brought me and let them go. Saying goodbye to my truck was especially hard, and it’s so silly to be attached to a truck but it represented so much more, it’s time to let that go too. Letting these things go and moving on does make me feel better, it’s ok, everything will be fine, just different. It has been 9 years! It’s time...

With all the distractions from the move it has been hard to focus on my body but everyday I make sure I get standing, stretch it out and try to breathe. It has almost been 6 months since the move, I still don’t have a bathroom sink (and had 2 months with no indoor shower!) but I nearly have my greenhouse turned gym put back together and my dream cottage is finally feeling like home. 

This was a long process and took the help of many to make my new place accessible. I couldn’t have done it without the people who donated to my fundraiser last fall for my home modifications and to these generous people: Travis Roy foundationmy family (especially my dad), Big Sur River Inn, Eric Arnett, Tevye Morgenrath, Travis Trapkus, Belleci plumbing, Cordrey construction, Jenkins plastering, Kendra Morgenrath, Lyra Ordjonikidze, Aengus Wagner, Cyrus Bell, Kodiak Greenwood, Myles Lerner, Blaze Engineering, Will Drew, Jon Hyland, Alex Short, Cody Kenyon, Rob Acosta, Lyle Southall, Andy Perez, Dakota Michelson and many many more. Thank you!

Back in May I had the amazing opportunity to work with Apple. They came down and wrote an article about me and my iPhone photography. You can read that HERE. In July I saw Hamilton in San Francisco, it was amazing! In September we celebrated 10 years at Gallery Exposed, the gallery Evynn LeValley and I opened in 2009, a year before my injury and I recently just returned from a trip down to LA to visit my best friend and her beautiful growing family. I am grateful for these new memories and I cherish the old. Life continues on, in every unexpected way that it can... BE THE LIGHT.

To make a donation to my ongoing care and rehab you can send a check to:
Rachael Short SNT
PO Box 6445
Carmel, California 93921

or donate online at:

Thank you for being the light!

Sunday, May 5, 2019

9th Annual Relay for Rachael wrap up!

People often ask how do you do it? How do you keep going everyday?

I do it because thankfully I have the support that allows me to. For me there was never another option, I do it because I am here and I am going to do the best I can. I do it because I don’t know any other way. I do it because I want to gain back as much movement as possible. To me it is a silly question because I will never give up. I am running this marathon called “journey back from paralysis” to the very end.

My biggest obstacle is finding caregivers and trainers who can keep up with me! I work hard everyday and I need the help of many to get me through my days. My relay/marathon annual fundraiser helps me pay everyone who helps me daily. Currently I employ 5 caregivers and 4 trainers! It really is a full time job advocating for myself and finding the help I need daily to become stronger. I understand why people give up, it is really hard work and cost a lot of money. By the end of the day I am exhausted and I am constantly worried about finances. The relay for Rachael eases the financial stress and motivates me to KEEP PUTTING ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER EVERYDAY. Thank you for BEing my light.

Friday Night Pasta Dinner

These people work behind the scenes
and help me get my movement daily!
Thank You!

My Marathoners!

Thank You to the Treadmill
for always hooking up my winning team with new shoes!
Congratulations Team Nepenthe!
(even though Kodiak beat all the teams!)

Kendra ran her first marathon!

Kodiak finally got a new pair of shoes
after wearing these for three marathons!
Aengus after marathon number 8!

The world needs more people like this girl,
Thank You Daniella  for the best care!

After race BBQ! Thanks runners!