Friday, April 17, 2015

"Astronaut" training


Last fall I was introduced to Bob and Marilyn Hamilton and the Galileo (thank you Domini). I like to call it "astronaut training". Bob and Marilyn are the U.S. medical distributor for Galileo and they live in the Carmel Highlands, go figure! I feel so fortunate that our paths have finally crossed. Marilyn was paralyzed 35 years ago in a hang gliding accident and has been charging ahead ever since...for more info on Marilyn click here.

The Galileo is a "side-alternating" whole body vibration (WBV) device for intense muscle training, different from a power plate, in that it moves the hips in an oscillating pattern similiar to our gait (walking) cycle and stimulates all the muscles up the legs and core. A three minute Galileo Training at 18 Hertz corresponds to 3240 muscle contractions! That is alot of movement in my body that I have not been able to get with any other exercise. Check out for more on Galileo.Once a week I have been going to Bob and Marilyn's house and train on their Galileo tilt table. Just last week my legs activated with the vibration on and I was able to weight-bear on my own, and this is from using it just once a week! I want to use it everyday! Thanks to the generous support of my community and all the hard work from the runners for the Relay for Rachael I am hoping to purchase one for my home, another exercise to throw into the mix that will make a big difference!

Loco Coco is doing a pasta dinner in celebration of the 5th annual relay on Friday, April 24th at the American Legion in Carmel. Tickets are available to purchase for $35, all proceeds go towards helping with my physical therapy costs. More info here: Sunday is race day! Join us at the finish line around 9:30 AM at Rio Road in Carmel to cheer the runners in. It's not too late to donate to your favorite team or runner, go to for more information.

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