Monday, March 31, 2014

03.31.14 - It's a Marathon.

The relay for Rachael this year is going to be better than ever! Along with three relay teams I have two friends running the full marathon.  Please join us at the finish line on Sunday, April 27th around 10 AM to help celebrate their finish.  Relay teams, you better be ready, these guys are training hard and are aiming to beat the relay teams!  I am overwhelmed by your support and willingness to go out there, hit the road, train hard and help me raise money for my physical therapy costs.  Six days a week, four hours a day I work with my physical therapist George at home in my greenhouse turned rehab room in Carmel and all of this is paid for out of pocket.

So am I seeing progress you ask? Yes! Finally my progress has been documented by a "healthcare professional". On my recent visit to the Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula Rehab I worked with my physical therapist there who I last worked with a year ago. She said my range of motion and strength have both improved dramatically and she has never seen progress like this. I was just waiting for the day when someone would finally document something that I knew was going to happen all along! This is just the beginning, and with the support of people like you I am able to accomplish my goal of getting on my feet again.

Thank you for inspiring me to keep on moving!  

If you would like to make a donation please visit and donate to your favorite team or runner. Or send a check to: 
Rachael Short SNT
PO Box 6445
Carmel, CA 93921 **************PO Box 6445, Carmel Ca 93921 831.238.0127 ...BE THE LIGHT**************