Sunday, July 22, 2012

07.06.12- Printing Platinum

Guess who is printing her photography again?!?! Another first in her recovery process.
Last week Rachael cruised down to Kim and Gina Weston's place in the Carmel Highlands to make some platinum prints from some of her recent photo captures.
The platinum process is pretty amazing. Unlike the silver print process that black and white photographers typically use, platinum lies directly on the paper surface, while silver lies in a gelatin or albumen emulsion that coats the paper. Kim Weston coats each piece of paper with a hand made chemistry before laying the large negative over the platinum coated paper. After exposing the paper to UV rays for a few minutes the images are developed and then washed. And magic (aka science) we have an amazing one of a kind print.
With Rachael's full time job of physical therapy, it is difficult to find time to make her art. She may have taken a break from printing her imagery but Rachael has never stopped being a photographer. She has been learning new and innovative ways to capture life through her eyes and now with the help of the Weston's she is excited to share the finished products with her community soon. Rachael continues to aspire by pursuing her art and finding ways to share it with others.
Huge thanks to the Weston's for taking the time to guide Rachael through this process.
The 6x6 Platinum Prints will be shown at gallery EXPOSED this fall. There are 7 new platinum prints. Limited Editions of 3. ***Platinum prints are the most durable of all photographic processes. The platinum group metals are very stable against chemical reactions that might degrade the print—even more stable than gold.