Thursday, November 1, 2012

11.01.12 - All Saints Day

I stopped by Rachael's place yesterday on a dreary Halloween afternoon. The threat of an approaching storm loomed off the coast. The weather seemed to match the mood of our collective memory of hearing the news, 2 years ago, that our dear friend had been in a car accident. It was dark and cool and the fog dripped from the trees as I approached her door on her 'crash-aversary' as she calls it. I couldn't help but feel the atmosphere's weight evoke these memories. I don't think Rachael felt that way when she kept it light and popped some vampire teeth in for a Halloween photo opp.
Sure that afternoon felt heavy with memory, but with little DJ and Maggie bouncing off of everything in their costumes, that 2 year old memory was tough to focus on. The kiddos reminded all of us there of the joy of a life we get to live.
The weather became a fun, spooky Halloween accessory to our afternoon while the kids played all around us as Rachael trained with her new Physical Therapist.
Meet George! He is the newest addition to the team and Rachael is stoked to have him. Rachael says," Switching to George has been great! I feel like he is very knowledgable and our workouts are much more dynamic".
The memory was on all of our minds, but as I watched Rachael workout with George it was obvious that she is focusing on her future rather than dwelling on the past. I remembered a great quote from the Predator, "I ain't got time to bleed." While Rachael remembers how she came to where she is today, she is more focused on where she can go tomorrow, and is working hard to get there.
"My heart is heavy but my hopes are still high, I am not a quitter... 2 years down... 2 years. Went by pretty fast. But then again it seems like so long ago that I was running around... Slow progress. But Progress.” -Rachael Short. **************PO Box 6445, Carmel Ca 93921 831.238.0127 ...BE THE LIGHT**************