Thursday, December 23, 2010

12.22.10- Counting Down Looking Up


Acutely focused on her return home to Carmel, Rachael continues to work everyday getting stronger and poised for the big change coming. It is now official that on January 4th, 2011, Rachael Elizabeth Short will be going home after over 2 months in the hospital.

Rachael's circle has been working hard getting things ready at her future home. "The Carmel house is coming along. New pathways, new bathroom, and the black widows are getting removed," says Rachael. She lights up when she talks about going home and is very thankful for all the work everybody has been doing to help make it possible by retrofitting the house.

"We just got a little thing for the back of my truck so I can roll the wheel chair onto it. Then I am going to get a chauffeur. The wheel chair that I am getting is $28,000 and insurance is going to cover 70%. So that is good. But what the heck! I have never even had a car that has been that expensive. All this stuff costs a lot of money. I am getting an iPhone 4 cause I can use it with my knuckle... and then I am going to get an Apple TV so I can control the TV from my IPhone. Then hook my computer up to it and go crazy."

I joked around about it sounding like a pretty plush Christmas and Rachael responded, "Ya, expect I have to pay for all of it."

When I asked Rachael what else is new she stuck her tongue out at me, smiled, and said, "I still have a whole but I do not have a trach, my stomach tube is gone and my filter out of my neck is gone. that hurt really bad."

"Dr. Leibovitz, I hate you," she joked due to the pain of getting all the tubes and filters out that had been a part of her for over 6 weeks. "My right shoulder really hurts too, cause I was starting to pump too much iron"

Another thing that was new, exciting and bit scary was that for the first time Racheal was out of her bed and out of her chair and propped upright in a standing brace. The contraption allowed Rachael to have the sensation of standing upright again for the first time. Due to her low blood pressure she become a bit dizzy and saw a few spots so it didn't last to long but it was an exciting moment and a vision to hold onto.

Along with Rachael and her family, we wish you all Happy Holidays and an awesome New Year. Thank you for your continued support, prayers, and good thoughts. Counting down the days until the 4th of January and still looking up with hope.

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  1. Merry Christms Rachael..
    I just love you...very much.
    You are my biggest hero,I have had few oportunities in my life to see such bravery and determination in the face of such daunting circumstances.
    I will be around a lot when you come home to Carmel and I look forward to cooking and hanging out with you and maybe a little chauffeur action.....
    Your Aunt Erin

  2. Merry Christmas Rachael! Just want you to know that you and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers since the beginning. Your determination in this journey is so inspirational! I pray that your recovery continues to progress steadily to reach your goals. Vicki Lyftogt, friend of your mom from church. (sent via my daughter Melissa's gmail account)

  3. I could only imagine the anticipation you are feeling to crawl back into your own bed and be surrounded by your beautiful things and be done with the white hospital walls.
    You have come so far in these past months, you should be very proud of your determination and your grace through this all.You are doing great Rachael, just a few more days and you will be home, home sweet home!!!

  4. Happy New Year Rachael! Stopped by the house on Casanova a couple of days ago and "WOW"...I wish we had those ramps on Paso Hondo. Wally is getting a power chair too, but I think you could take him in your model any day. Many folks thinking mindful thoughts for your return and everyone is so looking forward to seeing you at home.
    Ember picked out the winner... Kristine and Forrest, won the photo in the drawing. They were excited.
    Much love,

  5. Rachael: You are in our thoughts as you prepare for your trip home. Guru - who cares so much - has been in touch with us a number of times and we're wishing you all the best.

    Beverly Millson
    on behalf of Berkeley Bionics