Tuesday, January 4, 2011

01.03.11- Pushing Off and Moving On

Rachael waits patiently as her mother prepares things for her last day in the hospital. Waiting is the operative word. She waits to eat. Waits to have her teeth brushed. Waits to be helped into her chair. And she has been waiting for over two months to return to her home.

Her room is often empty now. She seems to always be on the move. Little movements have become so important to Rachael. She has been learning to use a power assisted wheelchair and gaining dexterity and strength. When I ask her what she is most excited about in regards to movement she replied, "Picking my own nose!"

Rachael Elizabeth Short, after 66 days of staring at the hospital walls and breathing the stale air, she is returning to her new home in Carmel Tuesday January 4th!!

***Any donations can be sent to Rachael Short at her P.O. box 161 Big Sur Ca. 93920***

***************You can view Rachael's photographs at www.rachaelshort.com***************


  1. So glad you're going home Rachael. Hoping for great things in 2011 for you.

  2. Congratulations! So glad you finally get to go home. Thinking positive thoughts for you every day. :-)

  3. Rachael, you are one tough cookie! glad that you are back home with your friends and loved ones. :D