Monday, January 10, 2011

01.04.11- Rachael Returns

And she is home. Finally home.

No more stale hospital. No more beeps, buzzes and hisses from machines. No more bad food. No more tubes. The transition to the Pine Tree House will be another challenge in itself, but for now it is a welcome change of pace and environment. Same family. Same friends. Same sense of humor.

The first day back home was joyous controlled chaos. Covered by balloons her little sister eagerly wanted to show Rachael every last detail of her new Carmel studio. I think we all felt as excited as Racheal's little sister for her return home.

The new path that was built by Rachael's community worked perfectly on the first run and upon entering her new home she was overwhelmed by loved ones. There is still work to be done to finish the renovation but on this crisp day the fire and the community was keeping it nice and toasty inside.

This new stage of being home is where her next fight begins, without the daily help of doctors and nurses. Without the machines. Without the cameras. She will need her rest and her determined character will guide her forward.

All though Rachael is not at the hospital, on their schedule, she is still incredibly busy and she has heaps to attend to. She would love to see all her friends but has requested that you call first to make sure she is available or up for a visit.

Let the warm Carmel light filter through the trees and come shinning through the window. Keep thinking good thoughts. Be the light.

***Any donations can be sent to Rachael Short at her P.O. box 161 Big Sur Ca. 93920***

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  1. so many warm and good thoughts your way, Rachael... *hugs*