Saturday, November 20, 2010

11.09.10 - The Transfer

9 days after the accident and 2 surgeries later Rachael was transferred from Stanford Hospital back to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC). It was a tough day, but a step in the right direction to the beginning stages of her rehab. When she was prepped to make the move her team of talented doctors and nurses at Stanford came to go over the details and say goodbye. The Stanford team did a great job operating and keeping morale high.

Upon arrival at SCVMC, the new team immediately began comprehensive testing to begin to understand the state of the C5, C6 injury more completely in order to make decisions to aid in her recovery. While the team of nurses and doctors attended to Rachael, her Mom and Dad were always by her side reading her lips or reading books to her.

You remember when you saw magic for the first time? You remember how you had to run around and tell all your friends about it because you wanted them to share in the awesomeness of it? Well I saw Rachael move her arm. It may have not been easy for her, but she made magic happen and I can't wait to see the next magic show that she has in store for us. Keep the positive energy flowing.

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  1. She moved her arm! I'm so glad to hear that, it's actually making me tear up a little. That is so encouraging!

    Thanks for making the blog, so that we can follow her progress and be informed.

    Burl and I hope to be able to come visit Rachael in about a week.