Thursday, November 25, 2010

11.23.10 - Working up an Appetite

The light pours through the window of her room as Rachael patiently prepares for another day. She is dedicated to her recovery and is keeping focused on the task at hand. She has her ups and downs and has been absorbing lots of new information and lots of love. The long days have been leaving her very tired and while Rachael loves seeing everybody, it has been requested that you call her prior to visiting at this time. Best times to visit are from 4-6pm everyday and noon-6pm on Sundays but please do call first to make sure she has the time and energy to visit.

The new good word is that Rachael may be moving downstairs to another room next week, signifying a good deal of progress and a more stable condition. Her days will get even busier downstairs and from this new stage she could be moving back home to Carmel as early as the first of the year. Before that there is a lot of work to do. Almost everyday she drives her wheelchair down to the gym for some long hours of physical training (PT).

The workouts are tough and Rachael jokes, "Where are my muscles? I want my muscles back!"

Rachael was used to doing pull ups at her home on Apple Pie Ridge in Big Sur and though she cannot grip the bar yet, she is able to do lat pull downs with light weight. The motions of working her shoulders, biceps and triceps are strenuous but she is leaps and bounds further along than she was a week ago, doing an array of exercises.

The PT is not all weights and cardio. Trying to regain and fine tune finger dexterity is another big part of the puzzle. The cell phone is as intricate as it gets. Rachael looks forward to being able to use her cell phone again someday soon and is working diligently with a great team at SVCMC to speed up this part of the process.

We joked around about how the PT wasn't as hard as soccer practice when we were kids. I asked Rachael what her goals are for working out over the next couple weeks. She told me, "Getting my triceps back. Just more movement in my arms so I can have one of those manual wheelchairs to cruise around... We'll get there. I feel the burn."

We all have heaps to be thankful for and I know one of those things is to have Rachael be the light in our lives.

"Happy Thanksgiving. Thank God I can eat!" Then she looked up to the sky and said, "Thank you."

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  1. I am in awe of this woman, my niece, Rachael.
    Honey when you get home to Carmel if that is where you land, we will be neighbors. I look forward to that and will be there as much as needed.
    That beautiful yellow lab looked pretty special...... love you sweet girl....xoxoxoxox

  2. I am wondering what the heck we were laughing at! It's a good thing..laughter.

  3. Hi Rachael! I was so pleased to see a therapy dog visiting you! I am a part of a therapy team with my little dog Rudy. These dogs are a blessing!
    We are following your progress and it looks like you are doing well - love to see that big smile on your face.
    Although our lives only briefly touched - at Christian and Vivian's wedding at Ventana - you are in our hearts and prayers, as you were part of a major life event for us.
    Keep smiling, keep working hard. Steve did it at your age, you can do it, too.
    Love and God Bless,
    Steve and Judy Lemke

  4. My heart is always with you, and I am with you in spirit whether I am at your side or trowing walls. I am constantly sending you healing prayers of love and light from our Father above. Love, from Step dad Robin Jenkins.

  5. Rachael, I just discovered this blog today and what a joy to see your beautiful smile and sparkling eyes. We have been thinking of you each day and sending you loving strength...especially for your triceps!
    Big love to you...Janet Lesniak

  6. Rachael, You are an amazing woman doing an amazing job at your recovery. We are all here praying for you and keeping you in our thoughts every moment!
    Lot's of love to you.

  7. It's amazing to watch you go through this process, as hard as it is, you give us power.. My heart is with you every day.... xoxoxo